MIM Marketing In Motion Inc. is a full service technology and creative marketing agency. Established in 2006 in Kelowna BC. Our clients can be found in Canada, the USA and even Mexico. Our main focus has always been to provide businesses, whether a small size or international in scope with sales tools and technology that actually get the phone to ring and generate sales. Our programs are cost effective and proven to work.

MIM was one of the founding partners of SEE OUR TOUR inc. We helped to create the worlds first interactive, state of the art virtual tour software. To this day it still has many features you won’t find with other virtual tour software. We’re not moving forward with this technology today as the market has changed in terms of needs.
Today we are still on the forefront of technology when it comes to developing and offering state of the art sales tools. Our new MOXI CHAT software has proven to be a real winner for our clients. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your business needs. ​​

We are pleased to announce our new ATTRACT marketing program. ATTRACT marketing combines the best of what is commonly called content marketing. We take a slightly different approach to this type of marketing by using an audience building concept that inspires your base to action.