Offices in Vancouver, Kelowna BC, Seattle WA, Scottsdale AZ and Tel Aviv. These are home offices where are team works from. We offer a streamline, budget oriented service. Fancy offices equal fancy price tags. Right? We're easy to reach using WhatsApp, Email, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, IMessage and even the phone!

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We are happy to offer qualified business owners a completely free, how to create your own professional Wordpress website Zoom course. You may ask yourselves why would we do this and what’s the catch? Website design is only one part of our business and in fact a smaller part. We offer many useful services that business owners really do benefit from. It is our desire that once you get to know us better, you may decide to work with us in other areas of your business. Basically to help you get more clients and increase sales. This is what we do best.

We have been doing this for decades. Our company MIM Marketing In Motion Inc. was established in 2006, but our roots go back all the way to 1975.

We sincerely welcome you to apply for our free website creation Zoom class. you will need a domain name and website host of course. You do not need to purchase these from us although we can help you if you choose to. Please fill put the form and we will reply with dates and times you can choose from.