Is This the Writing on the Mall?

In a study conducted by the Pew Research in December 2016 it was estimated that eight out of every ten Americans are now shopping online.

In the year 2000, just two out of ten. That’s a remarkable growth pattern and the number of people shopping online is constantly growing with the development of Digital Marketing as an effective tool directing online suppliers to consumers.

Some 96% of all Americans have access to the internet. Not just the young and young-at-heart, but seniors spend many hours each week surfing the net.


What do these numbers tell us?


Traditional shopping habits are undergoing enormous change and nowhere is this pattern more pronounced than in shopping malls where retail shopping is the main attraction to the mall. In the past, mall developers used a formula of roughly 70% of space to be allocated to retail shops and 30% for entertainment and service facilities.

It is clear, with the explosion of online shopping this pattern of space allocation will be substantially changed in the near future.

So, let’s analyse why consumers are preferring to shop online rather than visit brick and mortar outlets.



Shoppers want to make sure they get the very best value for their money. With branded merchandise available at so many different outlets it means a lot of footwork is needed in making the final decision.

No such problem exists with shopping online. Shoppers can just sit at their desk and surf around the internet from countries anywhere in the world to locate their choice of product at the price they wish to pay, with goods delivered to their door.



Over the last decade or two personal service in retail stores has deteriorated. Self-service is the order of the day, even with big ticket items. Resulting from this change the level of service provided by staff members is often below par. Knowledge of the products they sell is sometimes lacking which is an aggravation to customers.

Again, no such problem exists with online shopping. Websites are replete with information, even providing a facility for customers to ask questions, also offering comments and recommendations from satisfied customers.



A vital requirement for retailers is to stock a choice of brands. Even in single brand stores a variety of labels are usually found. In fact, some stores only provide house brands, but online shopping has changed all that. The choice of brands is unlimited. Third party distributors such as Amazon and ebay can supply anything.

Today, Amazon is the largest retailer in the United States. In 2016 they recorded sales of US$136 billion. It is regarded as one of the most valuable brands worldwide.

It is clear. Benefits of online shopping are shifting consumers away from traditional shopping habits in droves. When it comes to price and product, nothing is easier and more satisfying than shopping online.

Here lies the challenge for manufacturers and service providers. With millions of competitors now selling online, to be noticed in the internet jungle is a daunting exercise. That’s the role for a Digital Marketer.

Exactly, what is the function of a Digital Marketer?


The role of an online Digital Marketer is to target customers in precise markets. Information gleaned is collated using modern marketing techniques. It’s not an art, rather a science. That’s quite different from straight advertising which is not clearly defined and unable to reach specific target groups. The hit and miss approach of selling to mass markets is from yesterday. Digital marketing is for today!

For successful online selling it’s most important for both manufacturers and suppliers to employ a professional digital marketing company such as Marketing in Motion. They are certainly geared to the market of today offering full service technology together with creative marketing.


Owning your own business can be rewarding and fun. It of course is not without risk. We all know this. What solves most problems that new small businesses encounter are sales. New clients, new contracts, new leads, etc. You get the point. When business is slow and the money is not flowing in, the new business owner tends to run around trying to do everything themselves and finding little time to actually do what is most needed to improve their business. This brings us to the point and hopefully benefit of this article. 5 things every new businesses should do right away. We are providing this information for the purpose of helping the small business person and we hope this helps you achieve your business dreams.

5 things to do now

1. Branding ; if your brand is not clearly defined and professional, you are already heading down the slippery slope of failure. Yes, sheer determination and drive can help you stay afloat, but really, why struggle so hard just because you’re poorly branded? Some things to consider when branding your business; Proper logo, colours and a slogan. These are all attached and used on your quality business cards and professional website, right? These all must be well thought out and be professionally crafted.

Nothing is easier to spot then a do it yourself logo and slogan. It screams that you are not well established and probably to cheap to pay a pro to do it right. In other words, your trust factor as the expert in your field will be greatly disminished simply because your best foot forward (your branding) is not very well presented. Is spending under $1000 a good investment if it means the difference between success and failure?

2. Marketing strategy; You are probably thinking, this is a no brainer and of course you need a marketing strategy when you start a new small business. The fact is, marketing is something many new businesses think of after they open and usually only when some salesperson from the local radio station or newspaper comes in to sell them something. This is the wrong time to think about your marketing strategy! Before you open your doors, you need to develop a marketing plan as part of your business plan.

Marketing is not an expense, it’s an invenstment. You will here that statement from your local media reps as they try to sell you their programs. While that is true, it is only in investment when it yields returns and fits well within your already well thought out and laid out marketing strategy and budget. If you are already open for business but have not yet developed a proper strategy that clearly defines your custormer base, goals, budget and platforms, now is the time to get working on one. You may wish to hire a professional to help you, after all you did open your doors without one, so we know where your expertise is not in. Sorry, but learn from your mistakes and don’t add to it. Hire a pro. Again, would an under $1000 investment in an effective marketing strategy that does actually pay for itself be worth it? Yes if it makes you $2000. That’s the point.

3. List your business with Google; One of the most important things a small business can do to ensure they are maximizing their chances of attracting new clients and sales is to list their business with Google. You may ask, Whats the difference between listing your business with Google and submitting your website to them? You may even wonder what submitting your site is. Either way, they are two different things and both are very important. Fact; a small business that is listed with Google can get many calls each week just from that. This may be all the online marketing you need.

What exactly are we talking about here? We’re talking about Google business listings. These are the results that appear above the organic search results you see on the first page of Google when searching. They have addresses, reviews, hours, pictures and your website link. You have clicked on them yourself to call businesses, haven’t you? We all have and that’s why you need to list your business with Google today. This is a free service Google offers. Do you know to add your business to Google business listings? It’s easy. Google it. We can help, but we charge $150 US to do it. It is easy and you can do it yourself.

4. Start working on your SEO; SEO stands for search engine optimization and its needed so your website will be ranked on the first page of Google one day. I did say, one day, because its something that will happen if you employ a good SEO program. Regardless of your business, people are searching for it. If your website is listed near the top of Google under important search results, then you will get business from that, consistently. We recently wrote an article on 6 steps that are needed for SEO Check it out, it will work if you follow them.

Don’t make the mistake of getting to this one day, just because it will take time to get results and you need to focus on todays results. You need to start this right away and keep working on it. This will pay huge dividends in the long run and can be the key to being successful or failing. You do have a very well designed Wordpress website already don’t you? Please say yes, if not, let us build one for you.

5. Social Media; Do you have your Facebook page yet? Does it have a custom URL? Example; Ours is This will make it much easier to advertise your Facebook page, because it’s easy to remember. If you don’t, your page will have a string of numbers after and it will be useless to use in your advertising. It’s a free service Facebook offers. Next, be sure to grab all other social media accounts with your name. Instagram, Linkedin Twitter and others. Do this, even if you don’t use them right away. Someone else may grab them and try to sell them back to you. That’s a violation of mosts social medias rules, but why hassle fighting for it.

In conclusion.

We hope you found these 5 steps every new business should do right away helpful. Yes, much of the information seems simple enough and you may have already known all of it. Through our many years of helping small businesses grow, we have met many people who have not done all five things. Many also make the mistake of thinking that they will do these things, once business gets going and they have the money to invest in them. Wow, I think to myself. If you don’t do most of these things, you will not make it at all. A baker may love to bake, but that doesn’t make them an expert at selling cakes.

Please feel free to share this article with others. This has been provided free of charge, with the hopes that many will benefit from our decades of experience. We believe in giving and never charge for it. Have a great day.


KEYWORD RESEARCH; Keywords are of course the number one area that needs to be dialed in before any effective SEO campaign can begin. What are people searching for? Where are they searching from? What level of competition is there for that keyword?

  1. CONTENT CREATION: Once we have finely tuned your keywords, we will create needed content on your website. Landing pages, blog articles, multimedia pieces.
  2. STRUCTURE: Having a properly laid out structure for your website is the key that unlocks all your SEO potential. Google doesn’t have people searching manually websites around the world and then deciding who goes where. All search engines utilize robotic programs that comb and sift the web looking for relevant data and then putting that data into nice little categories, so they can then display relevant search results to the end user. So its vital that your websites structure is done correctly.
  3. LINK BUILDING: Link building is also important as it will drive traffic from around the web, to the relevant content on your website. This will show Google, Bing and other search engines, that you are popular and have the content people are looking for. You need to have quality links that actually relate to your content for this to be effective. No link farms. Its not the quantity its the quality in this case.
  4. UPDATES: its great that your content is relevant to your keyword and your website structure is laid out correctly. But you need to keep things fresh. You cannot rely on old news to get fresh leads. That’s why you must freshen up your content regularly with new updates to it.
  5. GOALS AND CONVERSION TRACKING: Again no need to guess if things are working well. Once you have created your SEO program, you will want to know how effective it really is? This is easily done, by creating trackable goals. This will include tracking conversions that are set up in advance. Those can include filling out contact forms, landing pages and lowering bounce rates.
  6. GOALS AND CONVERSION TRACKING: Again no need to guess if things are working well. Once you have created your SEO program, you will want to know how effective it really is? This is easily done, by creating trackable goals. This will include tracking conversions that are set up in advance. Those can include filling out contact forms, landing pages and lowering bounce rates.

Find out more about our SEO and SEM services here.

Create An Effective Landing Page In 5 Steps

First off, you wonder what exactly a landing page is and how does it differ from your homepage? A landing page is pretty much just what it sounds like. It is the first page a visitor lands on when visiting your website.

Isn’t that what the home page is for? Yes and no. it is true that under everyday circumstances your home page is the first page visitors land on while visiting your website. However, when you are running any online marketing campaign you may wish to utilize landing pages specific to that online advertising/marketing campaign.

For example; If you are a baker and running an online advertising SEM campaign to market your wedding cakes, then the first page people land on needs to be focused on wedding cakes. You do not want people to search for what they are looking for and you know what they are searching for in this case, because you drew them in from your online marketing campaign.

Now you’re getting the idea of what a landing page is and when and how to use it. So how can you create an effective landing page in 5 easy steps?

You need to follow 5 easy steps. ​

  1. Decide in advance what you want your visitors to do when they arrive on your landing page. In other words, some type of action like; calling you, order online, sign up for your newsletter etc. This sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised how many people create their own landing page and there really is no clear focus that leads to a specific action the visitor should take. So carefully decide what action you wish them to take, before starting to create your landing page.
  2. Keep it simple! Really, keep it simple and tightly focused. The average small business person usually has some variety of products and services they offer and 9 times out of 10 they want to show most, if not all of them off. Resist this at all costs. Example; if you are selling art, showcase 1 amazing piece of artwork and only 1. This will help instill an image of your brand in the mind of your new visitor.
  3. Create compelling content. Your content should be very clear in its message and not clouded by many words or distracting elements such as images and videos. You can use these, but only if it directly supports the content and limit it. Along with that please never use an online animated host! You have seen them before. They pop up out of nowhere and start talking to you. You hit the sound off button as fast as you can find it, right? So don’t use them.
  4. Ask for the sale 3-4 times. Remember step one and that you have a clearly defined action you wish for your new visitor to take, correct? So with that in mind, very gently throughout your landing page, ask for this action to be taken. For example; If you are the baker advertising your wedding cakes, from the very first amazing image of just one of your cakes, add a button, phone number to call or whatever action you want them to take, right there. Do this same step at the end each section of your landing page.
  5. Don’t make it hard to to contact you. Again a no brainer, but this is often overlooked when it comes to contacting you when they are using a mobile device. It may be on your websites desktop view, your contact info is very clear and easy to find, however on mobile devices, responsive websites may make this much harder to find. So be sure to design your landing page with a mobile view in mind.

Happy selling!

We hope you found this advice helpful. We believe in giving and find great pleasure in helping others succeed. Feel free to like and share this article.

Why Wordpress Websites?

Are you considering a new website? You may have heard of several do it yourself companies to try or have had friends suggest ones to you. Should you get a Wordpress website or use some other website builder?

Why Wordpress?

To answer the question simply’ it’s the most powerful website builder on the planet. There are also 1000’s of predesigned themes available that look and function very well and will save you a ton of time and money verses building a custom Wordpress website.

Should I build it myself?

If you are a skilled marketer with a good knowledge of web design and you have the time, then why not build it yourself? If you are not all of those things, then you will want a professional web developer to create your website for you. Your website is the central marketing piece that all other forms of your marketing leads to. When you run an ad, is your website featured on it? Is your domain name on your business card? So everything leads to your website, where you hope to further any interest your other marketing tools have created.

Although Wordpress themes are available, they are not easy to make your own and there are many, many things that can go wrong if you don’t understand at least the very basics of website development. The good news is, we can create your new Wordpress website for you using the theme of your choice and it won’t cost you a ton of money. Our plans start at well under $1000 for a brand new, polished and shiny Wordpress website. Why not check out o view of our samples here. If you feel you can create it yourself, we hope this information has been helpful and we wish you all the best!

Content Marketing With A Twist

Content marketing is not new, however there’s been a much greater emphasis in using this approach in recent years. Why? Its simple, the standard practice of old of sell, sell, sell, doesn’t work well anymore.

People love to buy but hate to be sold. Rather than putting out constant sales pitches, like “buy today”, “get yours now” or” hurry up before they’re all gone” and so on, it would be far better to attract people to you and then educate them about what you offer and why its needed and this will inspire them, hopefully to do business with you.

To do this, you need to create new and interesting content and distribute it through various mediums, primarily social media.


This in its essence is what is commonly referred to as content marketing. Why does MIM call their program ATTRACT Marketing?

We have taken considerable time to develop our new ATTRACT Marketing program and have added a very valuable ingredient to it. That ingredient is called giving. Yes you read that correct, giving.

By giving away truly helpful knowledge that can then be used to benefit your audience, even if they never do business with you, will benefit you in the long run. How so? It establishes you as the expert and the go to person on the subject. This is a new twist in the content approach, giving.

Welcome To Our New Website

We are very excited to bring you the new MIM website!

Color, branding, image and design all converge together to bring you the new and the home of MIM Marketing In Motion Inc.

We have created a brand new marketing program that has been developed with the idea that people don’t like to be sold, but the do like to buy. We call it; ATTRACT Marketing. It is basically content marketing with a fresh new twist. We use the words;

ATTRACT, EDUCATE AND INSPIRE. You can learn more about this new approach to content marketing here.