Create An Effective Landing Page In 5 Steps

First off, you wonder what exactly a landing page is and how does it differ from your homepage? A landing page is pretty much just what it sounds like. It is the first page a visitor lands on when visiting your website.

Isn’t that what the home page is for? Yes and no. it is true that under everyday circumstances your home page is the first page visitors land on while visiting your website. However, when you are running any online marketing campaign you may wish to utilize landing pages specific to that online advertising/marketing campaign.

For example; If you are a baker and running an online advertising SEM campaign to market your wedding cakes, then the first page people land on needs to be focused on wedding cakes. You do not want people to search for what they are looking for and you know what they are searching for in this case, because you drew them in from your online marketing campaign.

Now you’re getting the idea of what a landing page is and when and how to use it. So how can you create an effective landing page in 5 easy steps?

You need to follow 5 easy steps. ​

  1. Decide in advance what you want your visitors to do when they arrive on your landing page. In other words, some type of action like; calling you, order online, sign up for your newsletter etc. This sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised how many people create their own landing page and there really is no clear focus that leads to a specific action the visitor should take. So carefully decide what action you wish them to take, before starting to create your landing page.
  2. Keep it simple! Really, keep it simple and tightly focused. The average small business person usually has some variety of products and services they offer and 9 times out of 10 they want to show most, if not all of them off. Resist this at all costs. Example; if you are selling art, showcase 1 amazing piece of artwork and only 1. This will help instill an image of your brand in the mind of your new visitor.
  3. Create compelling content. Your content should be very clear in its message and not clouded by many words or distracting elements such as images and videos. You can use these, but only if it directly supports the content and limit it. Along with that please never use an online animated host! You have seen them before. They pop up out of nowhere and start talking to you. You hit the sound off button as fast as you can find it, right? So don’t use them.
  4. Ask for the sale 3-4 times. Remember step one and that you have a clearly defined action you wish for your new visitor to take, correct? So with that in mind, very gently throughout your landing page, ask for this action to be taken. For example; If you are the baker advertising your wedding cakes, from the very first amazing image of just one of your cakes, add a button, phone number to call or whatever action you want them to take, right there. Do this same step at the end each section of your landing page.
  5. Don’t make it hard to to contact you. Again a no brainer, but this is often overlooked when it comes to contacting you when they are using a mobile device. It may be on your websites desktop view, your contact info is very clear and easy to find, however on mobile devices, responsive websites may make this much harder to find. So be sure to design your landing page with a mobile view in mind.

Happy selling!

We hope you found this advice helpful. We believe in giving and find great pleasure in helping others succeed. Feel free to like and share this article.

Why Wordpress Websites?

Are you considering a new website? You may have heard of several do it yourself companies to try or have had friends suggest ones to you. Should you get a Wordpress website or use some other website builder?

Why Wordpress?

To answer the question simply’ it’s the most powerful website builder on the planet. There are also 1000’s of predesigned themes available that look and function very well and will save you a ton of time and money verses building a custom Wordpress website.

Should I build it myself?

If you are a skilled marketer with a good knowledge of web design and you have the time, then why not build it yourself? If you are not all of those things, then you will want a professional web developer to create your website for you. Your website is the central marketing piece that all other forms of your marketing leads to. When you run an ad, is your website featured on it? Is your domain name on your business card? So everything leads to your website, where you hope to further any interest your other marketing tools have created.

Although Wordpress themes are available, they are not easy to make your own and there are many, many things that can go wrong if you don’t understand at least the very basics of website development. The good news is, we can create your new Wordpress website for you using the theme of your choice and it won’t cost you a ton of money. Our plans start at well under $1000 for a brand new, polished and shiny Wordpress website. Why not check out o view of our samples here. If you feel you can create it yourself, we hope this information has been helpful and we wish you all the best!