Content Marketing With A Twist

Content marketing is not new, however there’s been a much greater emphasis in using this approach in recent years. Why? Its simple, the standard practice of old of sell, sell, sell, doesn’t work well anymore.

People love to buy but hate to be sold. Rather than putting out constant sales pitches, like “buy today”, “get yours now” or” hurry up before they’re all gone” and so on, it would be far better to attract people to you and then educate them about what you offer and why its needed and this will inspire them, hopefully to do business with you.

To do this, you need to create new and interesting content and distribute it through various mediums, primarily social media.


This in its essence is what is commonly referred to as content marketing. Why does MIM call their program ATTRACT Marketing?

We have taken considerable time to develop our new ATTRACT Marketing program and have added a very valuable ingredient to it. That ingredient is called giving. Yes you read that correct, giving.

By giving away truly helpful knowledge that can then be used to benefit your audience, even if they never do business with you, will benefit you in the long run. How so? It establishes you as the expert and the go to person on the subject. This is a new twist in the content approach, giving.